December 2015

31st December - Howlin' Horns, Sound Control, Manchester

17th December - The Black Sheikhs, Daventry

6th December - GLUG

5th December - The Black Sheikhs, Nantwich

2nd December - GLUG, Romiley

November 2015

28th November - GLUG, Glossop

20th November - Stars and Stripes, St Helen's Town Hall

10th - 14th November - Little Shop of Horrors, Hyde (flute, Eb & Bb clarinet, tenor)

7th November - The Black Sheikhs, Hull

October 2015

27th - 31st October - Kiss Me, Kate, Stockport (clarinet, bass clarinet, bari)

20th - 24th October - White Christmas, Mossley (clarinet & tenor)

16th October - Soul Fiesta, Cheshire

10th October - Wize Guys, Essex

3rd October - Funky Dholi's, Bolton/Bradford

September 2015

26th September - The Black Sheikhs, Nottingham

12th September - The Black Sheikhs, Nottingham

5th September - The Black Sheikhs, Northumberland

5th September - The Black Sheikhs, Warwickshire

August 2015

23rd August - The Black Sheikhs, Manchester

22nd August - The Black Sheikhs,  Nottingham

8th August - The New Breed, Leicester

6th August - The Black Sheikhs, Scarborough

1st August - The Black Sheikhs, High Worsall

July 2015

26th July - Glossop Bigband, Simmondley

25th July - The Black Sheikhs, Gloucester

18th July - The Black Sheikhs, Northumberland

5th July - Blues Brothers, Manchester

June 2015

27th June - GLUG, Broadbottom

20th June - The Black Sheikhs, Kings Lynn

13th June - GLUG, New Mills

1st June - Me and My Girl, Ramsbottom (piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto)

May 2015

30th May - The Black Sheikhs, Todmorden

9th May - The Black Sheikhs, Windermere

April 2015

25th April - The Black Sheikhs, Nottingham

18th April - The Black Sheikhs, Skipton

March 2015

22nd-28th March - Anything Goes, Bolton

17th-21st March - Hairspray The Musical Runcorn Brindley Arts Centre (flute, clarinet, tenor)

3rd-7th March - The Wizard of Oz, Adlington Community Centre (flute, Clarinet, alto)

January 2015

24th January - private function, Gorton